Gray Hairs

Well y’all, it happened. One of the things I had most feared, but didn’t think would happen for a while. Something that will be etched in my brain forever. My baby fell off of the changing table. Edit- she did not merely *fall*. She apparently took the Olympics to heart and tried her own backwards … More Gray Hairs


Hey y’all! It’s good to get back to writing after a whole month away from blogging! yikes! Ya know, just over here being a mom. NBD(no big deal, for those of you who are like “whaaaat? network block device?”). Seriously though, I’m going to try and post more often(definitely more than once a month). I’m … More Lessons

Yay! First Post!

Thanks for checking out my blog and my first post! I am so excited to share this blog with you, as it will follow my experiences as a new mom, and hopefully it will help fellow new moms and give some humor to moms that have already been there and done that. First off, this … More Yay! First Post!